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Professor of Economics

B.A.,  Keio University, 2005.
M.A., University of Tokyo, 2007.

PhD., Northwestern University, 2011. 

CV [pdf]

The goal of my research is to study individual decision making. My main focus is in decision theory, developing mathematical models of decision making that account for some of the behavioral regularities documented in experimental economics and psychology.

I am currently working on the application of decision theory to empirical studies, especially discrete choice analysis. Click here to read my full profile.

News (August 14, 2020)

  •  I will present "Repeated Choice" (joint with Jay Lu) at the World Congress of Econometric Society (Session: Decision Theory I). There will be an online Q&A session. 
  • Testable Implications of Models of Intertemporal Choice: Exponential Discounting and Its Generalizations (joint with Federico Echenique and Taisuke Imai) is forthcoming in American Economic Journal: Microeconomics.